Sheet MetalSheet Metal

Decal, sticker, banner... click on the picture to larger picture

Decal brake booster

1970-71 Cuda, Challenger

Price $10.00


Decal road lamp sticker

Price $30.00 for pair

Fit Cuda only road lamp

Look exactly like factory


Floor mat protector

Set of 4
Fit all models

Price $25.00



Large tie

Very good for display
Impress the judge

One tie for $65.00


Large banner RTS
(rapid transit system)
18' x 3'



Dana rear end white stripe with part number

Ask for your number
Possibility others numbers

Price $20.00 each


Sealer for trunk floor body joint

Look exactly like factory
Will not shrink need 4 to 5 tubes for a complete car

Price $18.00 for one tube

Can also be use to reproduce the quarter panel undercoating can be spray


RTS banner

2½' x 3'


  Free shipping with all order more than $175.00

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